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The Cingalee, or Sunny Ceylon is a musical play in two acts by James T. Tanner, with music by Lionel Monckton, lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank, and additional material by Paul Rubens. It opened at Daly's Theatre in London, managed by George Edwardes, on March 5, 1904 and ran until March 11, 1905 for a total of 365 (another source giving 391) performances.

Dramatis Personæ

Harry Vereker (A Tea Planter) C. Hayden Coffin
Boobhamba (A Noble of Kandy) Rutland Barrington
Sir Peter Loftus
(High Commissioner and Judge, Ceylon) Fred Kaye
Myamgah (An Indian Servant) Willie Warde
Pupils of Vereker on the Tea Plantation:
Bobby Warren
Henry J. Ford,
Dick Bosanquet Conway Dixon,
Freddie Lowther Arthur Hope,
Jack Clinton Archie Anderson,
Willie Wilson J. Boddy
Captain of the Guard Norman Greene
Attendant F. J. Blackman
Chambhuddy Ram (A Baboo Lawyer) Huntley Wright

Nanoya (A Cingalese Girl) Sybil Arundale
Peggy Sabine Gracie Leigh
Four Tea Girls on Vereker's Plantation:  
  Naitooma Carrie Moore
  Sattambi Alice D'Orme
  Mychellah Freda Vivian
  Coorowe Doris Severn
Angy Loftus (Sir Peter's Daughter) Doris Stocker
Angy's Governesses:
  Miss Pinkerton Nina Sevening
  Fräulein Weiner Mary Fraser
  Mademoiselle Chic Mabel Hirst
  Signorina Tasso Joan Keddie
Lady Patricia Vane Isabel Jay

MIDI Files

ACT I -   Vereker's Tea Plantation, "Karagama," Ceylon.

ACT II -   Boobhamba's Palace by the Lake of Kandy.

1905 Version

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