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No. 11 - Song - Princess - "Under The Deodar."


Princess: Over the mountain passes,
Under the peaks of snow,
Forest and lawn, close to the dawn,
That is the land I know.
Meadows of waving grasses,
Wonderful woods above,
There would I be, over the sea,
There with the one I love.
Under the deodar,
Up in the hills afar,
Hearts may be lost, fates may be crossed,
Under the deodar.
  How I could wish to wander,
Out in the forest dim,
Somewhere unknown, almost alone,
All by myself with him!
Then, when the sun set yonder,
Red on the ridge of pine,
"Dear," I would say, "take me today;
This is your realm and mine!"
Under the deodar,
Lit by the evening star,
How could I rest, held to his breast,
Under the deodar,
The deodar, afar.

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