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Dandy Dick Whittington was an opéra bouffe in two acts, written by George Robert Sims and composed by Ivan Caryll. Dandy Dick performs in a circus and loves the owners' daughter. The circus goes to Siam, where Dick unexpectedly receives a high office and marries his sweetheart. The opera opened at the Avenue Theatre in London on 2 March 1895.

Dramatis Personæ

DICK WHITTINGTON, Apprentice to Sir Achilles, with a performing cat May Yohé
SIR ACHILLES FITZWARREN, Sheriff of London and Circus Proprietor A. J. Evelyn
CAPTAIN FAIRFAX, R.N., of H.M.S. Chimpanzee James Barr
LARRY O'BRANNIGAN, An Irish Acrobat Henry Wright
KOKO GAGA, A Siamese Acrobat Robert Pateman
AUGUSTE, A Circus Clown Frederick Vaughan
TOM, A Sailor Harold Patterson
JONES, A Sheriff's Officer  
PHRA MAHA, Regent of Siam H. N. Wenman
LADY FITZWARREN, Sir Achilles' Wife John F. Sheridan
ALICE, Her Daughter Ethel Haydon
LOLA, Queen of the Arena Bertha Meyers
Equestriennes {
I. Du Foye,
L. Lisle
Miss Morgan
SUSAN, Servant of the Inn Miss Elcho
SA DEE, A Siamese Princess Grace Whiteford
WILLASEE, Her Maid of Honour Florence Levey
Siamese Beauties {
Ellen Goss,
Maude Fisher
Of the Siamese Imperial Guard {
Mr. McBride
Mr. Shale
Mr. Davies
FA XAI Lord in Waiting to the White Elephant
XING XONG Bearer of the Golden Umbrella

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Exterior of Sir Achilles Fitzwarren's house in Highgate.

  • No. 1 - Chorus of Guests - "Hither we come from London Town, every lass in a dainty gown, a dainty gown, a dainty gown, a dainty gown, every lass..."
  • No. 2 - Song - Lady Fitzwarren and Girls - "The tyrant man has had his day, her rights no more denied. 'Tis woman rides the high horse now and on it sits astride."
  • No. 3 - Chorus of Guests - "Here the gay procession passes, listen to the distant drumming;  stand on tiptoe, lads and lasses, see the circus folks are coming..."
  • No. 3a - Chorus of Acrobats, and Boys - "We are famous acrobats, and we've shapely limbs, and that's what the ladies most admire;  over any height we vault..."
  • No. 3b - Recit. (Lola) and Circus Chorus - "Brothers and sisters of the ring, who banners leap and gaily dance on milk-white steads that rear and prance..."
  • No. 3c - Song - Dick, with Chorus - "Gaily I ride for my lady love, never a fear have I;  merrily when the sun's above, I and my brave steed fly..."
  • No. 4 - Duet - Dick and Alice - "I know not what my fate may be, or where may guide my fortune's star;  but this I know - one word from thee my future life..."
  • No. 5 - Trio - Lady Fitzwarren, Larry and Dick - "If in Siam you land from a civilized state ... A lady will find opportunities great ... That's of course if the lady..."
  • No. 6 - Song - Alice and Girls - "A girl with a guileless heart am I who loves with a lad to stray, over the fields and meadows green, and over the hills away..."
  • No. 7 - Song - Larry and Chorus - "In London, one night, I went out for a walk - I'd play'd at the game before;  a sailor I met, and he wanted to talk..."
  • No. 8 - Bell Chorus - "Ring!  Ring!  Bells ring!  Ding!  Dong!  Ring on the balmy air, Ding! dong!  Over the woodland fair, Ding! dong!  Ding! and Ding! and Ding! ..."
  • No. 9 - Song - Dick - "Across the vale, the bells ring out beneath the azure dome, as through a world of care and doubt with weary feet I roam! ..."
  • No. 10 - Finale Act I - "The Circus is closed and the show's at an end, and it beats all the shows in Creation;  but ere we depart let us see if our friend ..."

ACT II   -   Audience Court of the Royal Palace of Bangkok, Siam.

  • No. 11 - Opening Chorus - "Hark to the beat of drums!  It is the Regent comes! ... Ta-rum, tum-tum-tum-tum-tum, ta-rum, tum-tum-tum-tum-tum, ah, Pingy-ya-nah!"
  • No. 12 - Dance
  • No. 13 - Song - Fairfax - "The south wind woos with tender lips his blushing bride the rose;  the roving bee the nectar sips from ev'ry flow'r that blows ..."
  • No. 14 - Song - Dick and Men - "A rover I've wandered o'er oceans afar and the world's fairest daughters I've seen; I have wooed to the sound of the Spanish guitar,"
  • No. 15 - Chorus of Circus Troupe - "It's really very curious!  It's really very quaint!  Oh, isn't it luxurious!  It's quite a scene to paint!  The sort of place Lord Byron..."
  • No. 16 - Song - Lady Fitzwarren and Chorus - "When you've been three months in a ship at sea from the London Docks to Burma, you will understand..."
  • No. 17 - Song - Alice - "Said a maiden to her mirror: 'Little mirror, tell me true, do I love my absent lover just as once I used to do?  Am I longing for the moment..."
  • No. 18 - Trio - Lady Fitzwarren, Larry and Dick - "Now I've come to my kingdom and sit on my throne, and the laws of the land I can make on my own..."
  • No. 19 - Song - Dick with Chorus - "Down by the river when the twilight shadows fall, meet me, my honey, when the night-birds softly call.  Down by the river..."
  • No. 20 - Duet - Larry and Willasee - "Prithee, pretty maiden, will you dance with me? .. Yes, if you will show me what the dance will be. .. Something up to datey"
  • No. 21 - Wedding Chorus - "Merrily, merrily strike the ranat, gaily beat the big khong-bong; merrily, merrily raise your voices, sweetly sing the nuptial song..."
  • No. 22 - Finale - "We've put down our coin for a stake that's big, and we hope that our circus cob will be the tip of our Thingamygig and the nap of the Thingumbob."

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