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No. 8 - Duet - Norah and Harry - "Semi-Detached."


Norah: We're married I cannot deny —
Harry: Then what are we going to do?
Norah: It can't be undone,
We're legally one,
Although we are morally two.
Harry: We can make it up if we try —
Norah: That may be your plan, but not mine!
Harry: Then all I can say is
Go your own way,
Norah: And I will in future go mine!
Harry: Semi-detached!
Norah: Semi-detached!
Both: That is the word of the riddle;
Norah: Although from the street
The union's complete,
You'll find a brick wall in the middle.
Harry: When people are near
I'll call you "My dear,"
No scandalous tales shall be hatched!
Both: But when out of sight,
it's "Now, sir,/Madam, good-night,"
We're semi, we're semi-detached!
Norah: We'll never make love any more —
Harry: We may be expected to kiss —
Norah: It won't take an age
To learn from the stage
To manage it something like this.
Harry: Then if there's a girl I adore —
Norah: And if I should look at a man —
Harry: Of course I expect
You will not object —
Norah: Which seems a most excellent plan.
Harry: Semi-detached!
Norah: Semi-detached!
Both: Needs no excuses or pardon;
Norah: We both may arrive in front by the drive,
And each have a little back garden.
Harry: Our friends we shall charm
When out arm-in-arm,
A couple so perfectly matched;
Both: But when on the mat
I drop you like that,
We're semi, we're semi-detached!
  We're semi, we're semi-detached!

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