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A Greek Slave
Processional March and Chorus of Welcome

Song No. 12

Chorus of Slaves

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All is made ready
For the noble client,
Here stand we steady
To your words compliant,
Eagerly giving
What you intimate us,
Victims all living
Magic apparatus.

Hark at the portals
To the flute and cither!
Fairest of mortals
Comes the lady hither;
With costly spices
Be the warm air laden;
Sweet beyond price is
The illustrious maiden!


Let us hail the fair Princess
Who would fain discover
If her beauty is to bless
Some diviner lover!
Mortal men must ever more
Seek to win her vainly,
For the lady we adore
Is a goddess plainly,
Is a goddess,
Is a goddess plainly.

(Enter Lady Antonia)

Hail Antonia! Hail!
Be thou gracious,
Bride of love,
In thy spacious
Halls above
Let our prayers prevail!
Hail! Antonia...

In thy spacious
Halls above
Let our
prayers prevail!
Antonia hail!

Let our
prayers prevail!
Antonia hail!

Hail Antonia! Hail!
Hail! Antonia!
Antonia! Hail!
Hail! Hail! Hail!

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