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No. 18 - Finale Act II


Girls: Welcome to the lovely bride,
So to put it more compactly
Welcome to the bride!
Though the bond that will be tied
Isn't that exactly,
Isn't that exactly!
Hail to the happy bridegroom's lot,
So to put it very nicely, very nicely
Though we know that he is not,
Not a bridegroom yet precisely!
Hail the happy bridegroom's lot!
Welcome to the lovely bride!
Ensemble: Never a shadow lowers
Over the path of flowers
Where they will walk united,
One in the vow they plighted!
Ever on blossoms treading
On to the joyous wedding,
Living in love and laughter
Ever after.
Never a shadow lowers
Over the path where they will walk
united, plighted!
Ever on blossoms treading
To their wedding,
Living in love and laughter,
Love ever after.
Hail to the Señorita,
Hail to the bride!
Hail to the troth that binds them both!
Consuelo: Oh, though you say
There is happiness for me,
Yet today
Ends the time when I was free!
The path where I wander'd
Among flow'rs in my girlish hours!
Memory lingers yet,
Bringing a fond regret, even fear
Now that the end draws so near.
Do I know if I shall never be sorry
For giving my heart away today?
Ensemble: And if I should love another man,
Or at least discover
An other than I some day began
To enthrall my lover, what a fate
That would be if my love should waken too late!
Ah! what a fate!
Let me not give up my freedom lightly,
Or I may seek it and take it unrightly.
No, it is wiser and better
Not to yield to the fetter,
Giving my hand away today.
Bombito: Let our ceremony forthwith begin!
Call our Padre and the Notary in!
Where's Adolfo? He should be present!
Where is he? This is exceedingly unpleasant!
Chorus: Where is Don Adolfo?
Really he should be present!
Such forgetfulness is very unpleasant!
It's too dark to be playing golf, oh!
We wonder what's become of Don Adolfo.
Girls: Adolfo! Say where are thou?
Oh, how can we find Adolfo?
Men: Adolfo! Say where are thou?
Oh, how can we find Adolfo?
All: We look all around
But he cannot be found,
Adolfo! Adolfo!
Your Señorita must not wait too late!
Consuelo: Oh, you need not seek Adolfo, high and low,
It's nothing to me if he is here or no!
You seek for him vainly
For I tell you plainly
I am not in love with him, and therefore
I'll wed none I do not care for!
So attend, pray, to what I say!
There will be no betrothal,
there'll be no betrothal,
there'll be no betrothal here today!
Chorus: Oh! she must be jealous!
Don't you hear her tell us
That there will be no betrothal?
Diego: If you want to know where Don Adolfo's gone,
The noble Don is captive on
A piratical yacht, a piratical yacht!
But if you want to tell her name
I have to own I can't say what,
It's not twice the same, never the same!
So if you'd know the ship he is kidnapped in,
Ask of the captive
The magnificent captain!
He's the chief of the crew,
So he can answer to you
Why he wanted Señor Don Adlofo got
On board of his yacht!
It's the sort of plan
a gentleman, you'd think
Should be above,
But all's fair in war and in love!
Chorus: Yes, that's the sort of thing they do,
The lawless buccaneering crew!
Away with them, and shoot or hang
The leader and his gang!
Consuelo: You dare call this gentleman a vile filibustero?
He's my guest and he's a gallant caballero!
Diego: Don Adolfo's been kidnapped on board a yacht,
A wicked plot!
It's part of the treacherous plan
That's the work of that man.
He's bringing tons of swords and guns
To arm the cruel hands of rebel bands,
Shoot us down, capture the town!
He's the chief of the Red Liberados,
Don't be imposed on by his British bravados!
When he comes here to woo,
There's not a word of it true!
False is all his adoration
Which I hope you never believed,
That is prov'd by information,
Information I've received!
He's chief of the Red Liberados!
Chorus: A horrible plot!
Yes, is it not!
All of the lot had better be shot!
Tear them to pieces on the spot!
They have come on the yacht
To trample us down
And to plunder our beautiful town!
They will find they have got
A terrible doom
And a villainous traitor's tomb!
Then arrest him on the spot
And see that you have him promptly shot
Upon the Prado,
The Red Liberado!
Consuelo: The love you dared to vow
Had won me nearly.
I could have said till now
I loved you dearly.
I execrate you! I hate you!
The love that once for you I bore
That is now no more!
I love my native island shore
With a fire above other love!
So begone with your band across the water!
Nor ever let one of you venture to stand
On our land!
I'm her daughter!
It is Cuba that I love
And as answer take my glove!
Chorus: Begone ere the sun has shone!
If not, for your foul plot
You'll all of you be caught and shot, all shot!
Defile our shore no more!
We are Cubans and free forever,
No one the bond may sever
That has bound us heart to heart
and hand in hand!
Then go, take warning,
Or else at morning
You shall all die as traitors to our fatherland!
Begone ere dawn has shone,
For if you linger or dare come back,
Then our vengeance will be hot on your track,
Stay not to serenade a Cuban maid
Or you will be too late
To shun your fate
From Cuban hate!
Cast them out, out, you traitors,
Hear us shout begone!

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