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Lady Madcap is a musical comedy in two acts, composed by Paul Rubens with a book by Paul Rubens and Nathaniel Newnham-Davis and lyrics by Paul Rubens and Percy Greenbank. The story concerns a mischievous Earl's daughter who holds a ball at her father's castle without permission, pretends to be her own maid, and causes general confusion. It was first performed at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, on 17 December 1904 and ran for 354 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

COUNT DE ST. HUBERT Mr. Maurice Farkoa
BILL STRATFORD   (known as Stony Stratford) Mr. Paul Arthur
POSH JENKINS   (his Confederate) Mr. Fred Emney
(of the East Anglian Hussars) {
Mr. Leedham Bantock
Mr. Dennis Eadie
Mr. J. Edward Fraser
Mr. Spencer Trevor
LORD FRAMLINGHAM Mr. Herbert Sparling
CORPORAL HAM   (of the East Anglian Hussars) Mr. George Carroll
PALMER   (Butler to Lord Framlingham) Mr. R. St. George
OLD HUNTSMAN Mr. Richard Kavanagh
TROOPER SMITH   (of the East Anglian Hussars) Mr. G. P. Huntley
GWENNY HOLDEN   (Friend of Lady Betty) Miss Delia Mason
SUSAN   (Lady's-maid to Lady Betty) Miss Eva Sandford
MRS. LAYTON   (Colonel Layton's Wife) Mr. Fred Lewis
LADY BETTY CLARRIDGE (Lord Framlingham's Daughter - The "Madcap") Miss Madge Crichton

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Garden at Egbert Castle.

ACT II   -   Hall at Egbert Castle.

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