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The Little Michus (Les p'tites Michu) is an original musical play in three acts. (Original French opéra-comique libretto by Albert Vanloo and Georges Duval.) The English version is by Henry Hamilton with lyrics by Percy Greenbank. The music is by André Messager. It opened at Daly's Theatre, London on 29 April 1905 where it ran for 401 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

GENERAL DES IFS Mr. Willie Edouin
GASTON RIGAUD   (Captain of the Hussars) Mr. Robert Evett
PIERRE MICHU   (a Provision Merchant) Mr. Ambrose Manning
ARISTIDE VERT   (his Assistant) Mr. W. Louis Bradfield
BAGNOLET   (Soldier Servant to General Des Ifs) Mr. Huntley Wright
MADAME DU TERTRE Miss Deborah Volar
MADAME ROUSSELIN Miss Gracie St. George
MLLE. HERPIN   (School Mistress) Miss Vera Beringer
MADAME MICHU   (Michu's Wife) Miss Amy Augarde
(The Little Michus) {
Miss Adrienne Augarde
Miss Mabel Green
Miss Alice D'Orme
Miss Nine Sevening
Miss Doris Stocker
Miss Agnes Gunn
Miss Alice Hatton
Miss Freda Vivian

Musical Numbers

ACT I   -   The Playground of Mlle. Herpin's School in Paris   -   circa 1810.

ACT II   -   Salon at General Des Ifs.

ACT III   -   Michu's Shop, Les Halles.

Pictures of the production from The Sketch

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