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Morocco Bound is described as "A Musical Farcical Comedy" in two acts by Arthur Branscombe with music by Frank Osmond Carr and lyrics by Adrian Ross. It opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre on 13 April, 1893 and transferred to the Trafalgar Theatre the following January. It ran for a total of 295 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

SPOOFAH BEY (an Irish con-man) Mr. John L. Shine
SQUIRE HIGGINS (one of the nouveau-riche) Mr. Charles Danby
VIVIAN HIGGINS (the Squire's eldest son) Mr. Sydney Barraclough
DOLLY HIGGINS (another of the Squire's sons) Mr. Alfred C. Seymour
JOSIAH HIGGINS (the Squire's brother) Mr. Herbert Sparling
LORD PERCY PIMPLETON Mr. George Grossmith Jr.
SID FAKAH (Moroccan Grand Vizier) Mr. Colin Coop
MUSKET (a servant) Mr. Douglas Munro
MAUDE SPORTINGTON (Dolly's girl-friend) Miss Letty Lind
ETHEL SPORTINGTON (Vivian's girl-friend) Miss Violet Cameron
COMTESSE DE LA BLAGUE (Spoofah's sister, a phoney "countess") Miss Jenny McNulty
LADY WALKOVER (Maude's friend) Miss Agnes Hewitt
RHEA PORTER (a Lady Journalist) Miss Marie Studholme
EVA SKETCHLEY Miss Eva Westlake
HILDA ADLETTE Miss Ruby Temple

Musical Numbers

ACT I -   Mokeleigh Hall, an English stately home.

ACT II -   The Palace of Spoofah Beh in Old Tangier, Morocco.

Sketches of the characters.

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