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The Quaker Girl is a musical comedy in three acts with book by James T. Tanner, lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank, and music by Lionel Monckton which opened at the Adelphi Theatre, London, on 5 November 1910 and ran for an extremely successful 536 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

CAPTAIN CHARTERIS   (King's Messenger) Mr. C. Hayden Coffin
JEREMIAH   (A Quaker) Mr. James Blakeley
MONSIEUR DUHAMEL   (Minister of State) Mr. Herbert Ross
PRINCE CARLO   (Affianced to Princess Mathilde) Mr. G. Carvey
MONSIEUR LAROSE   (Chief of Police, Paris) Mr. D. J. Williams
WILLIAM   (Waiter at "The Chequers") Mr. E. H. Wynne
NATHANIEL PYM   (A Quaker) Mr. Henry Kitts
JARGE   (The Village Crier) Mr. George Bellamy
TONY CHUTE   (Naval Attache at American Embassy, Paris) Mr. Joseph Coyne
PHŒBE   (Maid to Princess Mathilde) Miss Gracie Leigh
PRINCESS MATHILDE   (An exiled Bonapartist Princess) Miss Elsie Spain
DIANE   (A Parisian Actress) Miss Phyllis Le Grand
MADAME BLUM   (Of the Maison Blum, Paris) Mdlle. Caumont
MRS. LUKYN   (Landlady of "The Chequers") Miss Luna Love
RACHEL PYM   (A Quakeress) Miss Jennie Richards
  (Employees of Maison Blum) {
Mdlle. Gina Palerme
Miss Irene Warren
Miss Kitty Melrose
Miss Mabel Duncan
Miss Marie West
PRUDENCE   (A Quaker Girl) Miss Gertie Millar

Musical Numbers

ACT I   -   An English country village.

ACT II   -   Madame Blum's Dressmaking Salon, Paris.

ACT III   -   The Pre Catalan, outside Paris.


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