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No. 17 - Carnival Chorus


Men: Welcome to the water fête,
Naught but pleasure here you'll find;
Gondolas with joyous freight,
Leaving care and grief behind,
Full of jest and mirth and song,
Come to swell the merry throng,
See them glide with the tide,
Joyously along.
Hear their merry throng,
Welcome all, great and small,
Welcome all!
Full Chorus: We keep the feast
Of carnival so gay,
From work we've ceased, at least
We've only time for play today
What sport on earth
With Carnival can vie
For joy and mirth?
From birth the hours too quickly fly.
Full of life and fun,
Now the fête's begun,
Eager feet, restless beat,
Gaily tripping down the street.
See the crowd draw near,
Hearken how they cheer,
Day is dying, time is flying.
Carnival is here.

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