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No. 11 - Duet - "When you are wed to me"


Fo Hop: When you are wed
To me —
San Toy: Far sooner dead
I'd be!
Fo Hop: Then you will own
With awe,
My word alone
Is law!
My sense of right
You'll please
By being quite
Each Western trick
I ban
With sharp and quick
Before my look
You'll bend,
For me you'll cook
And mend!
San Toy: A slave for life
I'll be,
Go, take a wife,
Not me!
Go, take a wife,
Go, take a wife,
Not me!
San Toy: Were I indeed
Your mate,
Fo Hop: That is decreed
By Fate!
San Toy: Your mighty mind
Is such
As I might find
Too much!
Your lovely form
And face
Invite too warm
You're such a flower
And pearl
You overpower
A girl!
In fact I must confess
That I
Of happiness
Should die!
In fact I fear
You'd be
A deal too dear
For me!
A deal too dear,
A deal too dear
For me!
Fo Hop: Vain your gibing and your railing,
Frowns are tears are unavailing!
By the oath your father swore me,
You must love me and adore me!
San Toy: Then I will beseech my father,
Let him stab or drown me rather,
Let him poison or behead me
Rather than that you should wed me!
There's a dagger in my hair,
So beware,
Have a care,
I will strike and will not spare,
I declare
If you dare,
I will strike,
I will strike,
And will not spare.

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