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Sergeant Brue is a musical farce with book by Owen Hall, lyrics by J. Hickory Wood, and others and music by Liza Lehmann and James W. Tate. It opened at the Strand Theatre, London, on 10 December 1904.

Dramatis Personæ

SERGEANT BRUE (of the "C" Division) Mr. Willie Edouin
MICHAEL BRUE (his Son) Mr. Farren Soutar
AURORA BRUE (his Daughter) Miss Olive Morrell
DAISY (a Servant) Miss Hilda Trevelyan
VIVIENNE RUSSELL Miss Nellie Seymour
LOUISE CLAIR Miss Kitty Ashmead
SIR FERGUS TREHERNE (of the Home Office) Mr. Frederick Lewis
GERALD TREHERNE (his Son) Mr. Sydney Barraclough
MATTHEW HABISHOM (a Solicitor) Mr. Edward Kipling
INSPECTOR GORRINGE (of the "C" Division) Mr. Lennox Lochern
ERSKINE MURRAY Mr. Jack Thompson
MR. CRANK (Magistrate at Crawlborough Street) Mr. Gilbert Porthous
CROOKIE SCRUBBS (a Criminal) Mr. Arthur Williams
LADY BICKENHALL Miss Millie Legarde

Musical Numbers

ACT I   -   Michael Brue's Hairdressing Saloons.

ACT II -   The Green Park Hotel.

ACT III -   Scene 1 -   Crawlborough Street Police Court.

ACT III -   Scene 2 -   A House in Berkeley Square.

Supplementary Number.

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