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The Lady Slavey is a musical play with music by John Crook (and others) and words by George Dance (and others). It was first performed at the Avenue Theatre, London, on 20 October, 1894.

Dramatis Personæ

ROBERTS   (a Sheriff's Officer) Mr. Charles Danby
MAJOR O'NEILL Mr. Robert Pateman
VINCENT A. EVELYN Mr. Henry Beaumont
LORD LAVENDER Mr. Herbert Sparling
CAPT. FITZ NORRIS   (a Sheriff's Officer) Mr. George Humphery
FLO HONEYDEW Miss Jenny McNulty
(Major O'Neill's Daughters) {
Miss Adelaide Astor
Miss Blanche Barnett
(Milliners) {
Miss Elcho
Miss Du Foye
LIZA   (a Flower Girl) Miss Yorke
EMMA   (a Laundress) Miss Turner
PHYLLIS   (The Lady Slavey) Miss May Yohe

Musical Numbers

ACT I   -   The Lawn of the Manor House, Rookholme.

ACT II   -   Reception Hall at the Manor House, Rookholme.

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