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No. 13 - Scena - Teresa and Gigg


Teresa: Oh, Señor, pray be bold of heart,
Do not delay, but make a start.
'Twill be your loss if you don't seize
This chance to cross the Pyrenees.
You must confess you're not aware
What happiness awaits you there,
A dream of joy your life will be —
Ah, be not coy, but come with me.
For there both by day and night
Many attractions invite;
All other dreams of delight
They will eclipse.
Come where the sky is aglow,
Warm are the breezes that blow,
Come where the oranges grow.
Also the pips.
Think of the old Spanish wine,
Surely that's quite in your line,
Flavour exceedingly fine,
Splendid bouquet.
Señor, be bashful no more,
You've never been there before;
Listen to me, I implore,
Ah, do come away.

When they've the chance, fair ladies will
With tender glance your senses thrill.
The hot blood through their veins will run;
You'll find that you their hearts have won.
A soft caress they'll often try
To give, unless there's someone by;
Indeed, how can they callous be
When such a man as you they see?
If you observe ev'ry style
In which a maiden can smile,
It might be well worth your while...
Gigg: Well, so it might.
Teresa: Think of those languishing eyes,
Of most remarkable size
Gazing at you in surprise...
Gigg: This is all right.
Teresa: If round your neck you should feel
Lily white arms softly steal,
Would you object a great deal?
Gigg: Oh, no, not me!
Both: We're just in time for the train,
Let's go together to Spain,
For I/you have made it quite plan
There is lots there to see.

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