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WSG to The Era, Dec. 8, 1894 (Issue 2933), p. 11


To the Editor of The Era.

Sir, - It has come to my knowledge that one Frank Lindo gave, last week, at the Brighton Aquarium, eight performances of a monologue called Hamlet Up to Date, which was advertised by him as having been written by me.  This may possibly be some hashed-up version of my Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, produced about eighteen months since at the Court Theatre, Sloane-square, and in which this Frank Lindo once played at a charity matinée.  In any case, it is quite certain that I never wrote a monologue called Hamlet Up to Date; that I have never authorised Mr. Frank Lindo to perform, or cause to be performed, any play of mine, either in the provinces or elsewhere; and that any manager permitting Mr. Lindo to perform any play professing to have been written by me will, after this caution, be held responsible for the penalties attached to unlicensed representations.  It is hardly necessary to add that my solicitor has the matter in hand.

  Your obedient servant,
    W. S. GILBERT.
Harrow Weald, Dec. 5th, 1894.

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