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WSG to The Morning Post, Feb. 4, 1876 (issue 32325), p. 3


To The Editor of The Morning Post.

SIR, – I think you will be amused by the upshot of a correspondence which has lately passed between the directors of the Westminster Aquarium and myself.  Some 18 months since Mr. Wybrow Robinson explained to me a scheme for the establishment of an aquarium, and requested me to allow my name to be placed on the list of the council of fellows.  After some demur I consented, on the understanding that I should be provided with a life-fellowship on certain modified terms.  Shortly before the opening of the aquarium I wrote to the board of directors calling attention to the terms upon which I consented to join the council of fellows, and I received from their chairman the following reply: –

"The Royal Aquarium, Westminster, Jan. 15.
"Dear Sir, - Your letter of the 5th inst. has been laid before the board.  I think that on consideration you will see that the company cannot recognise arrangements between Mr. Robertson and others before the company was formed, except those contracts which were set forth in the prospectus.  Regretting that this discussion should have occurred, – I am, dear sir, yours faithfully,
  (Signed) "H. LABOUCHERE, Chairman.
"W.S. Gilbert, Esq."

I will not occupy your space by dilating on the implied compliment to Mr. Wybrow Robertson contained in this letter.  It will be enough to point out that the company was floated mainly through the influence of those well-known gentlemen who were induced by Mr. Robertson to join the council of fellows, and that the directors now decline to recognise the terms upon which their names were obtained on the plea that at the time the contracts were made which had for their object the creation of the company the company had not then been created. – I am, sir, your obedient servant,                                                                                  

Junior Carlton Club, February 3.

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