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"To the Editor of 'The World.'"  The World no. 480, Sep. 12, 1883, p. 17. 

To the Editor of the "World."

Dear Atlas,— In your last number you say that I have refused to allow Miss Mary Anderson to play Galatea, and you add that you should very much like to know my reason for so doing.

Suppose Miss Anderson won’t give me my terms?  Suppose it don’t suit me to have my piece revived for a week only?  Suppose I am keeping it back until I can get a ‘run’ out of it?  Suppose I don’t think the other parts suited to the other members of Miss Anderson’s company?  Suppose my dealings with my own property are matters which concern me intimately, but which do not concern you in the least?  Suppose—

But I won’t tantalise you with vague hypotheses.  I will take you off the tenterhooks of suspense and tell you the frank and unreserved truth.  A dramatic agent did apply to me on behalf of Miss Anderson.  I cannot deny it.  Why should I?  But as Miss Anderson was in London, and as I was in London, I did not see any occasion to employ an intermediary, so I requested the dramatic agent to refer Miss Anderson to me.  That is how the matter stands at present.  And permit me to add that I am pained and distressed beyond expression at your supposing me to be capable of an act so mean, so cowardly, so despicable, so degrading as to decline to allow any one who pleases to perform any piece of mine, anywhere, on any terms he or she may think proper to determine.

Yours faithfully,


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