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Cast Change
from The Times , Wednesday, December 27, 1876.


Since Mr. Gilbert’s play Dan’l Druce was first acted here on the 11th of September no change in the programme has been found necessary. This is to speak well for the author, the actors, and the public, for it would have been indeed a sad confirmation of the low opinion entertained, we think erroneously, by some people of the dramatic taste of the day had so good a play as this been unable to please. In these days of such prodigious “runs” we can see no reason why Dan’l Druce should be less fortunate than his less worthy neighbours.

Report, however, speaks of the early departure of Mr. Vezin from this theatre to the St. James’s, where an English version of Les Danicheff is in active preparation. This will be a loss to the Haymarket and to Mr. Gilbert’s play, for the acting of Mr. Vezin in the principal character is undoubtedly a great feature in the representation. Still, the play has merits of its own which the loss of one, though he be the chief actor, should be unable to mar, and all care will, it is hoped, be taken to provide an efficient substitute.

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