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No. 11: Song (Bunthunder)
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SCENEDressing-room in MAJOR-GENERAL BUNTHUNDER'S house. Doors R.
and L. Large screen R., with double hinges to fold both away. The MAJOR-
GENERAL is discovered within the screen in full uniform, taking a footbath; a blanket
conceals his legs. His boots are on the floor
L. of screen. A hot-water can stands near

  Though called upon I've never been
    To court a warrior's tomb,
  Or to defend my Sovereign Queen
    In battle's dread boom — boom!
  Resistless I, when I am stirred
    To doughty deeds of wrath,
  So on myself I have conferr'd
    The Order of the Bath!
  You trace my humour's devious path?
    You see my meaning through?
  The knightly Order of the Bath
(disappointed.) I don't believe you do!

  Let me explain — you're in the dark —
    The "Bath's" a high degree
  Conferred on warriors of mark,
    But not conferred on me.
  From "Bath" we easily derive
    This footbath — common delf —
  And that's the compliment that I've
    Conferred upon myself.
(explaining.) This bath — of crockery or delf —
    A play on meanings twain.
(mortified.) I'm sorry; I forgot myself —
    It sha'n't occur again!

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