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No. 24: Recitative and Song (Ultrice)

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  An hour? Nay, nay -
    A lifetime rather - that is as I will.
His love is mine - yes, mine alone, until
  His dying day!
    Go, cheat yourselves with promises, poor fools!
I hold the talisman that overrules
  The potion's power! (producing the pocket-book.)
    I found the conjuror sleeping and alone -
I stole it! It's mine! my very own!
Alfredo till he dies shall wear my gyves!
An hour? Poor fools, that hour shall last your lives!
  Ha! ha! an hour!


When hungry cat
  On helpless mouse
    In sportive humour pounces,
Her playful pat
  So treacherous
    No fell intent announces:
He thinks she yearns
  For game of play
    Provoked by pure affection,
But soon he learns,
  To his dismay,
    That came is vivisection!
Yes, yes, he quickly learns
  To his dismay
    That came is vivisection!
Lucille Saunders as Ultrice.

Her talons quit
  Their native fur -
    Apart she fiercely rends him.
And, bit by bit,
  At length to her
    Digestive regions sends him.
"Beware of games
  With feline friends -
    They're generally hollow!"
So he exclaims,
  As he descends
    Her comprehensive swallow!
Yes, yes, so he exclaims,
  As he descends
    Her comprehensive swallow!

1. This song appears in the vocal score but not in the libretto.

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