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Enter DORO.

Doro. This must be the spot which was indicated to me as the halting-place of the brigand Barberini; but I see no sign of his presence. So, Prince Doro, your fortunes are about to take a decided turn for the worse; you are about to enlist yourself in the ranks of one of the most unscrupulous ruffians of modern times. You’re a nice young man, Prince Doro, to declare war against your fellow-man, and in such disreputable society. Declare war against my fellow-man? Nothing of the kind, my fellow-man has declared war against me. Who induced me to fall in love with Toto? My fellow-man. Who married me to her? My fellow-man. And who bolted with her ten minutes after marriage? My fellow-man. My fellow-man has thrown down the glove, and in joining Barberini’s band I only take up the challenge. Will he have me? Yes, I’m young and strong, and brave, and I don’t care twopence for my life – in fact I want to die, and if a man who want’s to die won’t make a good brigand, who will? Oh! I dare say it’s very shocking, but I’m tired of life, and desperate; besides, there are plenty of brigands in broadcloth who hold up their heads in society, and I don’t see that a scoundrel’s any the worse for being picturesque.

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