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Dialogue following No. 10

Rudolph. Oh, now for my detective’s report. (Opens letter.) What’s this! Another conspiracy! A conspiracy to depose me! And my private detective was so convulsed with laughter at the notion of a conspirator selecting him for a confidant that he was physically unable to arrest the malefactor! Why, it’ll come off! This comes of engaging a detective with a keen sense of the ridiculous! For the future I’ll employ none but Scotchmen. And the plot is to explode to‑morrow! My wedding day! Oh, Caroline, Caroline! (weeps) This is perfectly frightful! What’s to be done? I don’t know! I ought to keep cool and think, but you can’t think when your veins are full of hot soda-water, and your brain’s fizzing like a firework, and all your faculties are jumbled in a perfect whirlpool of tumblication! And I’m going to be ill! I know I am! I’ve been living too low, and I’m going to be very ill indeed!

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