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No. 16: DUET (Julia & Ludwig)

"Now Julia, come, consider it"

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Now Julia, come,
Consider it from
This dainty point of view –
A timid tender
Feminine gender,
Prompt to coyly coo –
Yet silence seeking,
Seldom speaking
Till she’s spoken to –
A comfy, cosy,
Innocent ingenoo!

The part you’re suited to –
(To give the deuce her due)
A sweet (O, jiminy!)
Innocent ingenoo!

Julia. Ludwig.
I’m much obliged to you,
I don’t think that would do!
To play (O, jiminy!)
Innocent ingenoo!
A sweet (O, jiminy!)
Innocent ingenoo!

You forget my special magic
(In a high dramatic sense)
Lies in situations tragic –
Undeniably intense.
As I’ve justified promotion
In the histrionic art,
I’ll submit to you my notion
Of a first-rate part. 
Well, let us see your notion
Of a first-rate part.

  Julia. (dramatically, spoken through music)
Ludwig and Julia
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I have a rival! Frenzy-thrilled,
I find you both together!
My heart stands still – with horror chilled –
Hard as the millstone nether!
Then softly, slyly, snaily, snaky –
Crawly, creepy, quaily, quaky –
I track her on her homeward way,
As panther tracks her fated prey!
(furiously) I fly at her soft white throat –
The lily‑white laughing leman!
On her agonized gaze I gloat
With the glee of a dancing demon!
My rival she – I have no doubt of her –
So I hold on – till the breath is out of her!
– till the breath is out of her!

And then – Remorse! Remorse!
O cold unpleasant corse,
Avaunt! Avaunt!
That lifeless form
I gaze upon –
That face, still warm
But weirdly wan –
Those eyes of glass
I contemplate –
And then, alas!
Too late – too late!
I find she is – your Aunt!

(shuddering) Then, mad – mad – mad!
With fancies wild – chimerical –
Now sorrowful – silent – sad –
Now hullaballoo hysterical!
Ha! ha! ha! ha!
But whether I’m sad or whether I’m glad,
Mad! mad! mad! mad!

Julia. Ludwig.
This calls for the resources of a high-class art,
And satisfies my notion of a first-rate part!
And satisfies my notion of a first-rate part! And satisfies her notion of a first-rate part!

(Exit Julia.)

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