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No. 25: ENTRANCE of Prince & Princess

"We’re rigged out in magnificent array"

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(Pompous March. Enter the Prince and Princess of Monte Carlo, attended by six theatrical-looking nobles and the Court Costumier.)

The Prince (Scott Fishe) and Princess (Emmie Owen) of Monte Carlo
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We’re rigged out in magnificent array
(Our own clothes are much gloomier)
In costumes which we’ve hired by the day
From a very well-known costumier.
Costumier. (bowing)
I am the well-known costumier.
With a brilliant staff a Prince should make a show
(It’s a rule that never varies),
So we’ve engaged from the Theatre Monaco
Six supernumeraries.
We’re the supernumeraries.
At a salary immense,
Quite regardless of expense,
Six supernumeraries!
Six supernumeraries!
Ah! Ah!
Emmie Owen as the Princess
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They do not speak, for they break our grammar’s laws,
And their language is lamentable –
And they never take off their gloves, because
Their nails are not presentable.
Our nails are not presentable!
To account for their shortcomings manifest
We explain, in a whisper bated,
They are wealthy members of the brewing interest
To the Peerage elevated.
To the Peerage elevated.
They’re/We’re very, very rich,
And accordingly, as sich,
To the Peerage elevated.

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