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The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive   Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I use the MIDI files/images/text from the Archive?

The materials on the Archive may be freely used by non profit making amateur societies and community theatre groups and for educational purposes in an academic setting (as opposed to commercial training). Please acknowledge the Archive as the source of the materials you have used and credit it in accordance with accepted source citation guidelines. A link to the Archive would be appreciated. We would also like to hear which materials you have found useful.

You may use the materials on personal websites provided you acknowledge the Archive as their source an provide a link. Again, we would like to hear which materials you have used.

If you wish to use our material in a commercial setting (including listings in catalogues or on internet auction sites), please contact us first.

2. The MIDI files on the site don't sound very good.

The sound you hear will depend on the quality of the sound card in your computer. Try this test to find out if you are hearing what we hear.

3. Can you supply a high resolution copy (suitable for printing) of an image on the Archive?

We only have high resolution copies of some of the images on the Archive. If we are unable to provide one, we may be able to direct you to a source which will enable you to create one for yourself.

4. I would like to contribute to the Archive. What do you need?

One of the main projects at the moment is the transcription of early reviews of performances both at the Savoy and on tour from nineteenth century newspapers.

Illustrations from early productions add to the visual impact of the Archive. Please send them in as high a resolution as you can.

A good quality scan of the vocal score of Sullivan's The Golden Legend is a conspicuous omission at present.

We have a substantial collection of scans of programmes from original productions, but more would be welcome.

You may have noticed something missing from the Archive, or have suggestions of your own, but please do not put a lot of work into creating something without checking first. It may be that someone else is already doing it!

5. I have written a parody of ... Will you publish it on the Archive?

We do not carry parodies on the Archive. I suggest you contact the Gilbert and Sullivan Parody Archive who may be interested in your work.

6. I have engraved a score. Will you publish it on the Archive?

Unfortunately there is a large number of well-meaning but misgided amateurs who have invested in music publishing software who produce scores of doubtful reliability. Consequently we only publish scores which have been tested by being used in performance or have been independently proof-read. We do not have the resources to provide proof-reading services for you.

7. I sent you a contribution. Why has it not appeared on the Archive yet?

Whilst I try to get things uploaded as quickly as possible but maintaining the Archive has to be fitted in round my other commitments. There can be a number of reasons for some delay. It may be that it is necessary to design pages for your content and to modify other pages by adding links so visitors can find it. I may be working on other projects and your contribution is in a queue. It may be that I am on holiday!

If you sent MIDI or other media files, they will not be added until they have been listened to.

8. I have a score signed by Arthur Sullivan. Is it valuable?

If you have a score signed by Sullivan, then it certainly is.

However, it is more likely that you have a score stamped with a facsimile of Sullivan's signature. During the nineteenth century, Sullivan was paid a royalty on every copy of the vocal score produced. His agent would visit the publishers and count the copies printed and to show they had been counted, stamped each one with a facsimile "Arthur S. Sullivan" signature. After Sullivan's death in 1900, they were stamped with a facsimile of his nephew's (Herbert's) signature. This practice continued until sometime in the 1920s.

9. I have [insert item here]. Can you tell me what it is worth?

It is not possible to value items without a physical inspection and we are not equipped to provide this.

10. I have [insert item here]. Are you interested in purchasing it?

Regrettably the Archive does not have funds to purchase memorabilia. However, we welcome donations of materials which would help us enhance the site.

11. I would like to sell some items. Can you recommend a dealer?

There are some dealers listed on our Shopping Page who sepecialise in Gilbert and Sullivan memorabilia or you could try selling the items on one of the internet auction sites.

12. Can you publicise our event/concert/production?

We do not have the resources to publicise individual events. We are happy to list companies/groups which perform Gilbert and Sullivan with some frequency and provide a link to their websites. David Sandham maintains a diary of productions on his site.

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