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Sarah Mankowski: When I first joined SavoyNet, my first question to you all concerned Captain Shaw, what I had long found to be an interesting coincidence, that London's fire martial should be mentioned by name in the same work that introduced electric lighting to the Savoy.

There followed a very interesting post about Captain Shaw, who he was, his career -- if I remember correctly he went on to work with Scotland yard. I thought I'd saved it, but it must have been deleted. Anyway, I think that this information should definitely be included in the Iolanthe archive as modern enthusiasts, researching G&S, are likely to wonder, Who the heck was that Captain Shaw fellow that the queen was singing about?

If any of you have this information, could you please write a paragraph or two about Captain Shaw?

I will be watching the SavoyNet for additions to this page. Ed.

Updated 28 November 1997