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A Patience anagram puzzle from Sharon Brindle:

  1. had by genital
  2. drew pharaohs
  3. wavily meek discontents
  4. our so primal cry
  5. implausible titan clot
  6. investing opal
  7. scalpel debtor
  8. his pantheon elf
  9. agenda ally
  10. flounder tail
  11. cruel scandal
  12. guns in thong
  13. cad abhorring lovers
  14. funnels hisses
  15. overhand yoga
  16. nontoughest skin
  17. parish lady
  18. idly check toga
  19. sneaked doubtful
  20. minor lice complaint
  21. truant age
  22. hens promise jeeps
  23. imitate chess
  24. generally his
  25. postal bone
  26. endurable in throng
  27. give no choice
  28. brash upon bus
  29. ear of math
  30. snappy mood

And a cryptic question from David Duffey:

Let me set a Patience puzzle. The answers, which are connected, are a quotation and two characters. A copy of the text is needed...

Look, parallel fertility problems; another blundering broad crashing lover turned the wrong way.


Supplied by Steve Sullivan

Patience at the Gilbert & Sullivan Archive

ALSO IN 1881

Supplied by David Duffey

1881 was a census year in UK. The results were not published for five years, but when they were the census authorities deplored the high proportion of unmarried women of childbearing age and the growing fashion among parents for spacing out the birth of their children. It was noted that this was most common among the rich and better educated and that: "the poorest third of the nation is breeding and rearing two thirds of the British race." It went on: "Family limitation might be appropriate for atheists, papists, and Frenchmen, but not for English artisans and yeomen, whose historic mission is to populate the globe.".

On the subject of atheism, the House of Commons rejected a Bill permitting Members of Parliament to affirm their loyalty to the sovereign (as an alternative to taking an oath on the Bible). The Bill passed both Houses in 1883.

The Boers defeated the British at the Battle of Majuba Hill.

James A. Garfield was inaugurated as 20th President of the US; he was shot and killed and was succeeded by Vice President Chester Arthur.

Lord Beaconsfield (Disraeli), one of the most remarkable politicians of British history, died.

P. G. Wodehouse, probably the most inventive user of the English language of the 20th Century, was born; as was Pablo Picasso, ditto of the paintbrush.

"Oh South Kensington" the Natural History Museum was opened, as were the archives of the Vatican well, "selected" records for accredited scholars.

Brahms published the Academic Festival Overture; and Henry James Portrait of a Lady.

The Chat Noir cabaret was opened in Paris.

Surely Bouncer sings, "... the cat in the Army's abolished"? Well here it says in plainest print that the Act abolishing flogging in the Army and Navy was passed in 1881. Oh, I get it, they used an implement different from the cat perhaps? I must research further into that.

Booker T. Washington founded the Tuskee Institute; University College, Liverpool was founded.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Company was formed.

30 September: "Responsible agent asks me to enquire if you will consider offer he makes by letter for fifty readings, beginning November first. This is confidential. Answer." R. D'Oyly Carte

1 October: "Yes, if offer good." Oscar Wilde.

October 27: "To the Library of Oxford Union, my first volume of poems, Oscar Wilde".

November 12: "The poet is Wilde, But his poetry's tame." Punch.

December 24: Oscar embarks on SS Arizona.

City populations (in millions): London 3.3; Paris 2.2; New York 1.2; Berlin 1.1; Vienna 1.0; Tokyo 0.8; St Petersburg 0.6. (Anyone visited all those?)


Sharon Brindle's anagrams:

  1. had by genital    lithe and gay
  2. drew pharaohs    hardware shop
  3. wavily meek discontents twenty lovesick maidens
  4. our so primal cry    primary colours
  5. implausible titan clot    multiplication tables
  6. investing opal    plaintive song
  7. scalpel debtor    corps de ballet
  8. his pantheon elf    hot halfpennies
  9. agenda ally     Lady Angela
  10. flounder tail    doleful train
  11. cruel scandal    Della Cruscan
  12. guns in thong    hunting song
  13. cad abhorring lovers   Archibald Grosvenor
  14. funnels hisses    unselfishness
  15. overhand yoga    heavy dragoon
  16. nontoughest skin    South Kensington
  17. parish lady    Lady Saphir
  18. idly check toga    eight day clock
  19. sneaked doubtful    Duke of Dunstable
  20. minor lice complaint compliment ironical
  21. truant age    great aunt
  22. hens promise jeeps    Empress Josephine
  23. imitate chess    aestheticism
  24. generally his    Early English
  25. postal bone    tablespoon
  26. endurable in throng    Reginald Bunthorne
  27. give no choice    echoing voice
  28. brash upon bus    suburban hops
  29. ear of math    heart foam
  30. snappy mood    Monday pops

David Duffey's cryptic question:

  • Parallel fertility problems = "Conceive me, if you can."
  • another blundering = Reginald Bunthorne.
  • broad crashing lover = Archibald Grosvenor.


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