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Dialogue following No. 14

Enter Bunthorne, and Jane.

Bunthorne. Everything has gone wrong with me since that smug-faced idiot came here. Before that I was admired — I may say, loved.

Jane. Too mild — adored!

Bunthorne. Do let a poet soliloquize! The damozels used to follow me wherever I went; now they all follow him!

Jane. Not all! I am still faithful to you.

Bunthorne. Yes, and a pretty damozel you are!

Jane. No, not pretty. Massive. Cheer up! I will never leave you, I swear it!

Bunthorne. Oh, thank you! I know what it is; it's his confounded mildness. They find me too highly spiced, if you please! And no doubt I am highly spiced.

Jane. Not for my taste!

Bunthorne. (savagely) No, but I am for theirs. But I will show the world I can be as mild as he. If they want insipidity, they shall have it. I'll meet this fellow on his own ground and beat him on it.

Jane. You shall. And I will help you.

Bunthorne. You will? Jane, there's a good deal of good in you, after all!

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