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Dialogue following No. 19

Bunthorne. Angela — Ella — Saphir — what —what does this mean?

Angela. It means that Archibald the All-Right cannot be all-wrong; and if the All-Right chooses to discard aestheticism, it proves that aestheticism ought to be discarded.

Grosvenor (Leo Sheffield) as a common-place young man (1919-20)
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Patience. Oh, Archibald! Archibald! I'm shocked — surprised — horrified!

Grosvenor. I can't help it. I'm not a free agent. I do it on compulsion.

Patience. This is terrible. Go! I shall never set eyes on you again. But — oh, joy!

Grosvenor. What is the matter?

Patience. Is it quite, quite certain that you will always be a commonplace young man?

Grosvenor. Always — I've sworn it.

Patience. Why, then, there's nothing to prevent my loving you with all the fervour at my command!

Grosvenor. Why, that's true.

Patience. My Archibald!

Grosvenor. My Patience! (They embrace.)

Bunthorne. Crushed again!

Enter Jane.

Jane. (who is still aesthetic) Cheer up! I am still here. I have never left you, and I never will!

Bunthorne. Thank you, Jane. After all, there is no denying it, you're a fine figure of a woman!

Jane. My Reginald!

Bunthorne. My Jane!

Flourish. Enter Colonel, Major, and Duke.

The Duke selects a bride. (1926)
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Colonel. Ladies, the Duke has at length determined to select a bride! (General excitement.)

Duke. I have a great gift to bestow. Approach, such of you as are truly lovely. (All the Maidens come forward, bashfully, except Jane and Patience.) In personal appearance you have all that is necessary to make a woman happy. In common fairness, I think I ought to choose the only one among you who has the misfortune to be distinctly plain. (Girls retire disappointed.) Jane!

Jane. (leaving BUNTHORNE's arms) Duke! (Jane and Duke embrace. Bunthorne is utterly disgusted.)

Bunthorne. Crushed again!

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