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(Schirmer Piano/Vocal Score)

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A/B/C = Page/System/Measure


18/4/2: Men's chorus, dotted eighth-note on "much."
83/2/2 In Ralph's part, the last three notes of the measure should be C-natural, not Cb.
86/3/2: Lyrics should be "Who gives up home..." (not "And gives up home...").
94/1/4: Not an error, but possibly helpful to add a courtesy G natural to Hebe's note ("flash"), as with the chorus sopranos.
105/2/3: For "Thristy" read "Thirsty."
105/4/1: Corcoran's rhythm in the first two beats should probably be quarter/quarter rather than dotted-quarter/eighth (same as 105/4/3). Otherwise, "-nut snatch" is just too hard to sing!
109/3/2: There should not be a comma after "sofa," as the correct phrase is "luxurious sofa pillows" (thanks to Katie Holler for identifying this erratum).
143/4/1: Lower chorus staff should be bass clef, not treble clef.
144/2/1: Chorus text should be "sisters, nor his cousins," not "cousins, nor his sisters."


4/2/4: R.H. rhythm should be eighth-eighth-quarter.
17/4/4: Piano chord should be tied to the next measure (ties appear at the beginning of page 18, but should also be shown at the end of page 17).
36/2/1-2: C# rather than C-natural in R.H., as in 10/1/2-3.
71/2/4: Not an error, but possibly helpful to add a courtesy G natural in the second piano chord.
87/3/5: A Bb7 chord should be played on beat 4 (brass), as follows:
  Thanks are due to Benjamin Kwong for pointing out this orchestral detail.
97/1/1-5: The first phrase should be staccato (pizz. strings).
105/3/3: L.H. piano should be F-G-A, not F-F-G.
136/4/4: L.H. should be D-F#-A-A (last A goes down an octave). Clarinet canon should begin on beat 3 (add to piano part).
I play it as follows:
137/3/2: R.H. chord on 3rd beat should be A-D-E, not A-C#-E (per Broude full score).
137/4/3: R.H. should have a G on beat 3 (below notated A, played by thumb).
141/4/3: L.H. should have a quarter rest on the second beat.

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