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Dialogue following No. 17

Robin. Soho! pretty one — in my power at last, eh? Know ye not that I have those within my call who, at my lightest bidding, would immure ye in an uncomfortable dungeon? (calling) What ho! within there!

Richard (Derek Oldham) protects Rose (Elsie Griffin) with Union Jack (1920-21)
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Richard. Hold — we are prepared for this (producing a Union Jack). Here is a flag that none dare defy (all kneel), and while this glorious rag floats over Rose Maybud's head, the man does not live who would dare to lay unlicensed hand upon her!

Robin. Foiled — and by a Union Jack! But a time will come, and then —

Rose. Nay, let me plead with him. (To Robin.) Sir Ruthven, have pity. In my book of etiquette the case of a maiden about to be wedded to one who unexpectedly turns out to be a baronet with a curse on him is not considered. Time was when you loved me madly. Prove that this was no selfish love by according your consent to my marriage with one who, if he be not you yourself, is the next best thing — your dearest friend!

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