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Dialogue following No. 25

Enter Robin, excitedly, followed by all the characters and Chorus of Bridesmaids.

Robin. Stop a bit – both of you.

Roderic. This intrusion is unmannerly.

Hannah. I'm surprised at you.

Robin. I can't stop to apologize – an idea has just occurred to me. A Baronet of Ruddigore can only die through refusing to commit his daily crime.

Roderic. No doubt.

Robin. Therefore, to refuse to commit a daily crime is tantamount to suicide!

Roderic. It would seem so.

Robin. But suicide is, itself, a crime – and so, by your own showing, you ought never to have died at all!

Roderic. I see – I understand! Then I'm practically alive!

Robin. Undoubtedly! (Sir Roderic embraces Dame Hannah.) Rose, when you believed that I was a simple farmer, I believe you loved me?

Rose. Madly, passionately!

Robin. But when I became a bad baronet, you very properly loved Richard instead?

Rose. Passionately, madly!

Robin. But if I should turn out not to be a bad baronet after all, how would you love me then?

Rose. Madly, passionately!

Robin. As before?

Rose. Why, of course!

Robin. My darling! (They embrace.)

Richard. Here, I say, belay!

Rose. Oh, sir, belay, if it's absolutely necessary!

Robin. Belay? Certainly not!

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