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Now Stars Above the Forest Glimmer

No. 5, Sung by Picorin

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Now stars above the forest glimmer,
And earth lies dreaming underneath their light,
Your starry eyes grow dim and dimmer,
'Tis time to say, "good-night, good-night!"
Oh, bird-song through the stillness throbbing,
And brooklet sobbing,
Down the woodland way,
Wake not my love, till dawn of day,
My love that in my keeping,
Away from life lies softly sleeping!

When night has drawn her veil above you,
And golden dust of sleep has shut your eyes,
Then I may dare to say "I love you,"
When only night replies.
Then dreams of happy love deceive me,
To leave me
When the dawn is grey,
For all my vision fade away,
And you seem far above me.
I dare not ask, I dare not hope that you, Mirette, may love me!


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