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In Quiet Convent Closes

No. 12, Sung by Gerard

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In quiet convent closes
The rosebud maidens grow;
The fairest of the roses
Is mine from long ago.
Mine is the right and power
To win and wear her soon;
My pure and perfect flower,
The garden rose of June.
Oh, my rose, shy rose,
Purest pink and white;
What joy to think the white and pink
Is all for my delight,
Is all for my delight!

Above the hedge of briar
That walls the woodland ways,
High as my head and higher
A lonely blossom sways:
A rose that none has planted,
A vagrant forest maid;
To give one hour enchanted,
And then to fail and fade.
Oh, child rose, wild rose,
Roses fade and fall;
But till they're thinned by Autumn wind,
I love, I love them all
I love, I love them all!


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