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SAIDA (coming face to face with the DEVIL).
  So all is lost for ever! And 'twas thou
  Didst lure me on to steal this treacherous stone!
  Nay, Beauty's crown still rests upon thy brow;
  Though love be blind, that beauty is thine own!
  Mine own! mine own! What devil lurks in thee
    To mock my shame? And this accursed spell,
  That leaves yon crippled maid her victory —
    In hell 'twas born, I yield it back to hell!

She plucks the stone from her bosom and flings it on the ground, and rushes away,
on the right. The distant town-bells ring out, as the
DEVIL picks up the stone.

    And so it befell,
At the sound of the bell,
  This stone had come back to me.
This stone had come back to me.
(Slipping the stone into his pocket.)
  And anon it sped over sea and land,
    It journeyed o'er land and sea,
  It hath lodged in many a jealous hand —
    Yet it always comes back to me!
It always comes back to me!

He mounts the balustrade and leaps into space.

End of Scene 1.

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