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No. 16: Chorus with Solo (Dan)

Music by Arthur Sullivan

MIDI File MIDI File [14KB, 2' 04"]

SCENE. - The scene represents the exterior of the Caves of Carrig-Cleena; a romantic spot in the mountains. It is moonlight. Peasant men with Dan discovered. One of them, Mickie, is acting as Sentry, on the look-out.

Is there anyone approachin'?
Is the coast quite clear?
Walkin', runnin', ridin', coachin',
Is there anybody near?
Is there anybody near?
Is there anything to fear?
Is there anybody poachin'
Is there anybody poachin'
On the privacy of our preserves?
We're gettin' nervous!
We're gettin' nervous!

No! No one comes,
The coast is clear;
But distant drums,
Distant drums I faintly hear.

Though the summer night is dumb in
My attentive ear,
And there's nobody a-comin'
To disturb us, never fear, never fear,
Yet I fancy I can hear
Now and then a distant drummin',
And it gets upon my high-strung nerves -
The Saints preserve us!
Preserve us! preserve us!

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