The Foresters

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Alfred Lord Tennyson

Poet Laureate

The Incidental Music, Songs & Choruses
Composed by

Arthur Sullivan

Consisting of the Full Narrative Poem,
MIDI Files and Scores of the Music,
and Illustrations

Web Operas have been one of the most popular features of the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive. With all of the music as MIDI files, and the full lyrics and spoken dialogue, they are great for either an introduction to a work that you haven't come upon before, or enjoying an old favorite.

Paul Howarth provided us with MIDI files and electronic scores for this narrative poem with incidental music by Arthur Sullivan (revised October 2003). This is supplemented with the text of the play as printed in Augustin Daly's prompt book, courtesy of the Tennyson Research Centre from whom permission should be sought to quote this version of the play and a number of illustrations from The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester. If you wish to print out a score, you can download the complete score in PDF format. [1.98 MB]

A full score and parts are published by The Amber Ring.

Send your comments on this Web Opera, or any other aspect of the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive, to Paul Howarth at

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