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Are You Related to Sir Arthur Sullivan?

We are deeply indebted to Irv Hodgkin, Past President of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Hancock County, Maine, for providing us with extensive genealogical information on the family of Sir Arthur Sullivan. Also to family members Jennifer Johnson, James Lacy Smith, and William Scott (McKay) Hayes, for providing information for this genealogy and approving its posting in the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive. And to Savoynet member Don Smith for his assistance in the preparation of the genealogy.

If anyone tells you that they are descended from Sir Arthur, tell them to check their facts again, as Sir Arthur did not marry and had no children. However, his brother Frederick had eight children, and the close relatives of Sir Arthur today trace their ancestry to Fred and his wife Charlotte Lacy.

For those people that have a genealogy program that can import this information, we are providing the entire genealogy file as a GED file (35K file). Most genealogy software can import GED files. Note: There is an error in the GED file. Herbert Sullivan married Elena Margarita Vincent in 1923 (not about 1910).


Family of Frederic Thomas Sullivan, Sir Arthur's Brother

Some of Fred's Descendants:

Updated 26 October 1998