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by Clifton Coles

The primary text is the libretto published by Chappell and Co. in 1892. Dialogue, stage directions, and lyrics are taken directly from this source. Reference has been made to the vocal score to correct problems particularly pertaining to ensembles and other places where more than one voice is heard simultaneously.

Dorothy's recitative and song "Why weep and wait?" was a late addition to the score. According to Selwyn Tillett (pers. comm.), the number was not intended to replace Manners's song "The earth is fair" and the ensuing duet "Sweetly the morn doth break," but was intended to bolster a weak performance by Courtice Pounds' understudy as Manners.

The scene went through three stages. On opening night, the audience witnessed the entrance of Manners (with monologue and song) after the "rice or rue" trio, followed by his duet with Dorothy and their dialogue together. As the run continued, Dorothy's recitative and song were added following the "rice or rue" trio; Manners' entrance, monologue, song, duet with Dorothy, and dialogue then continued as on opening night. Finally, there was an optional cut of Manners' song, with all other material remaining.

Since all three numbers were performed, all three have been included here, with the solo for Dorothy coming before Manners' entrance.

  • Libretto in text format.

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