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(8 7.8 7.D)

Included in “Church Hymns with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874, where it appeared twice: as the setting of the words given here
and of “Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding” which required the repetition of the last half of the tune to accommodate
the odd number of four line verses. It is not stated that this tune was specifically composed for “Church Hymns”.

1 All is bright and cheerful round us;   2 If the flowers, that fade so quickly,
    All above is soft and blue;       If a day, that ends in night,
  Spring at last hath come and found us,     If the sky, that clouds so thickly
    Spring and all its pleasures too:       Often cover from our sight, —
  Every flower is full of gladness;     If they all have so much beauty,
    Dew is bright and buds are gay;       What must be God’s Land of Rest,
  Earth, with all its sin and sadness,     Where His sons, that do their duty,
    Seems a happy place to-day.       After many toils are blessed?
3 There are leaves that never wither,   4 They through grief and pain and scorning
    There are flowers that ne’er decay;       Gave Thee, Lord, their willing names,
  Nothing evil goeth thither,     Like the saints we praise this morning,
    Nothing good is kept away.       Like Saint Philip and Saint James.
  They that came from tribulation,     Oh, that we might, ceasing never,
    Washed their robes and made them white,       Follow them, as they did Thee,
  Out of every tongue and nation,     Till we magnify for ever
    There have rest and peace and light.       God the Blessèd Trinity! Amen.

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