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From “Day’s Psalter”, 1562.Harmonized by Sullivan for inclusion in
“Church Hymns with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874.

1 Great King of nations, hear our prayer,
    While at Thy feet we fall,
  And humbly, with united cry,
    To Thee for mercy call;
  The guilt is ours, but grace is Thine;
    O turn us not away,
  But hear us from Thy lofty throne,
    And help us when we pray.

2 Our fathers' sins were manifold,
    And ours no less, we own;
  Yet wondrously from age to age
    Thy goodness hath been shown;
  When dangers, like a stormy sea,
    Beset our country round,
  To Thee we looked, to Thee we cried,
    And help in Thee was found.

3 With one consent we meekly bow
    Beneath Thy chastening hand,
  And, pouring forth confession meet,
    Mourn with our mourning land;
  With pitying eye behold our need,
    As thus we lift our prayer,
  Correct us with Thy judgements, Lord,
    Then let Thy mercy spare. Amen

J. Hampden Gurney, 1802 - 62.

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