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Composed for “Church Hymns with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874.

1 Father of heaven, who hast cre-|-ated all,   2 O Son of God, atoning | Lord, behold,
    And rulest all, we pray,       We bring this child to Thee;
  Look on this child, who at Thy | gracious call     Take it, O loving Shepherd, | to Thy fold
    Now enters on life's way!       For ever Thine to be:
  Oh, make it Thine, Thy blessing give,
That to Thy glory it may live,
    Defend it through this earthly strife,
And lead it in the path of life,
    Father of heaven!       O Son of God!
3 O Holy Ghost, who broodest | o'er the wave,   4 O Triune God, lo, at Thy | Word 'tis done;
    Descend upon this child:       We speak, but Thine the might;
  Give it undying life, its | spirit lave     This child hath scarce yet seen our | earthly sun
    With waters undefiled;       Yet pour on it Thy light
  And make it evermore to be
An heir of bliss, a shrine for Thee,
    Of faith and hope, and joyful love,
Thou Sun of all below, above,
    O Holy Ghost!       O Triune God! Amen.

Catherine Winkworth, 1827-78,
from the German of A. Knapp.

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