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St. Kevin


(7 6.7 6.D.)

Published in "The Hymnary", Novello, 1872.

1 Come ye faithful, raise the strain
  2 'Tis the Spring of souls to-day;
    Of triumphant gladness;
      Christ hath burst His prison,
  God hath brought His Israel
    And from three days sleep in death
    Into joy from sadness;
      As a sun hath risen;
  Loosed from Pharaohs bitter yoke
    All the winter of our sins,
    Jacobs sons and daughters;
      Long and dark is flying
  Led them with unmoistend foot
    From His light, to Whom we give
    Through the Red Sea waters.       Laud and praise undying.

3 Now the Queen of seasons bright
    With the Day of splendour,
  With the royal Feast of feasts,
    Comes its joy to render;
  Comes to glad Jerusalem,
    Who with true affection
  Welcomes in unwearied strains
    Jesus resurrection. Amen.

John Mason Neale, 1818 - 66, from the Greek..

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