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St. Patrick



Composed for "Church Hymns with Tunes", S.P.C.K., 1874.

1 He is gone — A cloud of light
Has received Him from our sight;
  2 He is gone — Towards their goal;
World and Church must onward roll;
    High in heaven, where eye of men
Follows not, nor Angels ken;
      Far behind we leave the past;
Forward are our glances cast:
  Through the veils of time and space,
Passed into the Holiest place;
    Still His words before us range
Through the ages as they change:
    All the toil, the sorrow done,
All the battle fought and won.

Wheresoe'er the truth shall lead,
He will give whate'er we need.

3 He is gone — But we once more
Shall behold Him as before;
  4 He is gone — but not in vain,
Wait until he comes again:
    In the heaven of heavens the same,
As on earth He went and came.
      He is risen, He is not here
Far above this earthly sphere;
  In the many mansions there
Place for us He will prepare;
    Evermore in heart and mind
There our peace in Him we find:
    In that world unseen, unknown,
He and we may yet be one.
      To our own Eternal Friend,
Thitherward let us ascend. Amen.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, 1859.

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