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The term "Part Song" can be applied to any song written for several vocal parts but is usually applied to one where the highest part carries the melody with the other voices supplying the accompanying harmonies rather than one which is contrapuntal like a madrigal. They are often sung unaccompanied. Schubert, Schumann and Mendelsohn had all contributed to the genre, but they gained popularity in England in the nineteenth century with the growth of choral societies.

Sullivan composed about twenty part songs in the early part of his career, many being published by Novello whilst Boosey published a collection of "Five Sacred Part Songs" in 1871.

Also included here are the soprano duet, The Sisters, and the trio Sullivan composed for the play Olivia by W. G. Wills, Morn, Happy Morn.

O Lady Dear (Madrigal)
Composed 1857, unpublished.
It was a Lover and his Lass
Words by Shakespeare. Performed at the Royal Academy of Music, 1857, unpublished.
Seaside Thoughts
Words by Bernard Bartram. Composed 1857. Published 1904.
The Last Night of the Year
Words by H. F. Chorley. Published 1863.
O Hush Thee, My Babie
Words by Walter Scott. Published 1867.
The Rainy Day
Words by H. W. Longfellow. Published 1867.
Words by Lord Houghton, after Goethe. Published 1868.
Parting Gleams
Words by Aubrey de Vere. Published 1868.
Words by Thomas Moore. Published 1868.
The Long Day Closes
Words by H. F. Chorley. Published 1868.
Joy to the Victors
Words by Walter Scott. Published 1868
The Beleaguered
Words by H. F. Chorley. Published 1868.
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Words by E. H. Sears. Published 1871.
Lead, Kindly Light
Words by J. H. Newman. Published 1871.
Through Sorrows Path [Score only]
Words by H. Kirke White. Published 1871.
Say, Watchman, What of the Night?
Words from Isaiah. Published 1871.
The Way is Long and Dreary
Words by Adelaide A. Proceter. Published 1871.
Morn, Happy Morn
Composed for the play, Olivia by W. G. Wills. Published 1878.
The Sisters
Words by Alfred Tennyson. Published 1881.
Wreaths for our Graves
Words by L. F. Massey. Published 1898.
Fair Daffodils
Words by Robert Herrick. Published 1904.

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