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The Mother's Dream
Words by Rev. W. Barnes.

Dedicated to Edith Wynne.
Published by Boosey & Co., 1868.

This song was re-published by Boosey in the year following Sullivan's death with new words by Frederick E. Weatherley as My Child and I.

Karaoke File

The Flag
(Thomas Cooper Gotch)
Gotch - Flag
I'd a dream to-night
As I fell asleep -
Oh! the touching sight
Makes me still to weep -
Of my little lad
Gone to leave me sad;
Aye, the child I had,
But was not to keep.

As in heaven high
I my child did seek,
There in train came by
Children fair and meek;
Each in lily white,
With a lamp alight;
Each was clear to sight,
But they did not speak.

Then, a little sad,
Came my child in turn,
But the lamp he had,
Oh! it did not burn;
He to clear my doubt
Said, half turn'd about,
"Your tears put it out.
Mother, mother,
Mother, never mourn."

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