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A Shadow
Words by Adelaide A. Procter.
Composed expressly for Madame Patey.
Published by Patey & Willis, 1886.

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Sullivan set five lyrics by Adelaide Procter, the best known being The Lost Chord.

Madame Patey was a celebrated contralto.

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What lack the valleys and mountains
That once were green and gay?
What lack the babbling fountains?
Their voice is sad today,
Their voice is sad today.
Only the sound of a voice,
Tender and sweet and low
That made the earth rejoice
A year ago,
A year ago.

What lack the tender flow'rs?
A shadow is on the sun.
What lack the merry hours
That I long that they were done?
I long that they were done.
Only two smiling eyes
That told of joy and mirth
They are shining in the skies!
I mourn on earth!
I mourn on earth!
Madame Patey
Madame Patey

What lacks my heart
That makes it so heavy and full of pain?
That trembling hope forsakes it
Never to come again,
Never to come again.
Only another heart,
Tender and all mine own
In the still grave it lies,
I weep alone,
I weep alone.

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