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Tender and True
Words by Dinah Maria Mulock (Mrs. Craik).
Published by Chappell & Co., 1874.

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In the published edition of this song, the words are unattributed. However there is a setting of the same words by F. Boott, entitled Douglas and published by Oliver Ditson of New York, which attributes them to Miss Mulock. Dinah Maria Mulock (1826-1887) was a prolific nineteenth century novelist, her most famous book being John Halifax, Gentleman.

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Could ye come back to me,
Douglas, Douglas,
In the old likeness that I knew,
I would be so faithful, so loving Douglas,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

Never a scornful word should pain you,
I'd smile as sweet as the angels do;
Sweet as your smile on me shone ever,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

Oh! to call back the days that are not!
Mine eyes were blinded, your words were few,
Do you know the truth now, up in Heaven?
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

I was not half worthy of you Douglas;
Not half worthy the like of you:
Now all men besides are to me like shadows,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

Stretch out your hand to me,
Douglas, Douglas,
Drop forgiveness from heav'n like dew;
As I lay my heart on your dead heart, Douglas,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

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