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SOLI (Plaintiff, Judge, Foreman, Usher) and CHORUS

"Oh, Never, Never, Never, Since I Joined the Human Race "

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The Judge (Leo Sheffield) notices the attractive Plaintiff (1926)
Leo Sheffield as Judge
Oh, never, never, never,
Since I joined the human race,
Saw I so exquisitely fair a face.

Jury. (shaking their forefingers at him)
Ah, sly dog! Ah! sly dog!

Judge. (to Jury)
How say you,
Is she not designed for capture?

Foreman of Jury.
(after consulting with the Jury)
We've but one word, my lord,
And that is - Rapture!

Plaintiff. (curtseying)
Your kindness, gentlemen, quite overpowers!

We love you fondly, and would make you ours!

Bridesmaids.(shaking their forefingers at Jury)
Ah, sly dogs! Ah, sly dogs!

We love you fondly, and would make you,
Would make you ours!

The Usher (Richard Walker) tries to calm the furious Jury. (1939)
Furious Jury
(shaking their fists at the Defendant)
Monster! Monster! dread our fury!
There's the Judge and we're the Jury,
Come, substantial damages!
Substantial damages!
Dam -

Silence in Court!
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